St. Helena Hospital Clear Lake is getting NewER for you.

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Construction is almost complete on the emergency room of the future - adding new technology, more private rooms and respect for your time.

This is an exciting time for health care in Lake County. Our community is getting a much-needed upgrade to the ER.  Digital Mammography recently opened at St. Helena Hospital Clear Lake, improving the quality of images and assisting doctors in early detection of breast cancer. A new Medical Specialties Clinic was opened in Hidden Valley Lake, bringing access to specialties never before available there. The “Live Well” program at St. Helena Family Health Center in Clearlake takes an innovative whole-person approach to helping those suffering from chronic pain and disease, helping them regain a healthy lifestyle

The new ER will provide enhanced care to our region, whether it be for a member of your family, co-worker or neighbor, rest assured there’s a fast, safe choice nearby when emergency care is needed. That's why, in addition to the dramatic facilities improvements, we are also shortening wait times to respect your time and improve access to safe care. St. Helena Hospital Clear Lake is literally changing from the inside out.

We're getting NewER for You!


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